1 Amazing Life in an Utterly Beautiful, Yet Chaotic Nutshell

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Hi! I’m Monica and I’m really excited to have begun down this road.

I’m currently 36 years old. I love my husband, Hector. I thank God that we were able to find each other and build a happy home, him living in San Francisco and I living in Los Angeles. I have an 18 year old daughter, Mailey, who is currently away at college. I also have a two year old son, Kian. My goodness! He is the catalyst of happy chaos. I love my children so much, it’s been a blessing to guide them and create memories with them. Work wise, I dedicate my life to coaching and mentoring, (primarily) school aged children, teen girls, and women. It is such a fulfilling emotion to be able to help people. And a greater feeling to finally enjoy the work I do.

Now…I’d like to introduce my past to you, so you have a feel of what’s to come.

For the majority of my school years, I was raised by my mother with my best friend by my side, my older brother Arturo. My father was always present but not living with us. Then, one day, all this changed when my parents reconciled their relationship and married when I was in high school. Crazy! Right?

At the age of 16, I got pregnant and I had a baby boy, Ramses Anthony Garcia. At three months old, Anthony passed away from SIDS. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever endured to this day. And so my struggles began with depression, although I didn’t recognize it by that name at that age.

I got pregnant at the age of 18 and had a baby girl, Mailey Aiko Garcia.  I was a single parent until I married Hector, at the age of 32. Hector and I carried on a long distance relationship for 8 years! He moved to Los Angeles May 1st and I gave birth to our son,  Kian Adrian Figueroa, on May 26th. We almost lived apart while raising our child! Yikes.

I love my life and what it’s evolved to…at least on most days when I’m thinking clearly. When that mundane feeling does kick in, I tell myself “Just get through this day without screaming or overreacting, tomorrow you’ll feel differently” and this gentle reminder normally works for me. I’m very aware that my life is full of blessings. From having faith, to a great family, our health, great times together, to the past (happy or sad) that’s shaped my life today. Which is why, I try to take one day at a time and enjoy the moments of each day.

Thank You for Reading!

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