Food Art is Great Fun But Best of All, It’s Easy Peasy! 

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When I can (or time permits) I like to get creative and spur up Kian’s meals with food art. I love seeing his expressions when he sees what I’ve created. Sometimes I get the reaction I was hoping for, like when I presented the image above for Valentine’s day and Kian gave me a huge giddy smile and other times, like when I presented Mr. Grilled Cheese, I get a weird smirk, like really mom?

Mr. Grilled Cheese
Mr. Grilled Cheese

I love bringing the elements of surprise and fun into our home whenever possible. And this tiny gesture of surprise with food, is rather fun, easy, and worth the extra time of cutting, arranging, and displaying.

Food Art Owl

Hey, I never said I was good at it but I try. Maybe one day Kian will be inclined to do nice little things like this for his children.

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