Time Flies When You’re Raising a Kind and Beautiful Person

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Through my biased eyes, my daughter is amazing! Not only intelligent, and a go getter, but also beautiful on the inside and out.

M- Jelly fish tank
Mailey Aiko

She has exceeded my expectations time and time again. I know that a lot of what Mailey does, she does to prove to herself that she can. And I think that’s awesome. She is slowly learning to use all of her inner strengths and becoming well aware that she is braver and stronger than she thought. What a great gift to give to yourself.

Mailey’s decision to move away for college was as pleasing as it was heartbreaking. All kids not just Mailey, who go away to college are showing an inner strength so grand, that, that in itself is a huge accomplishment and as parents, something that we should be so proud of. To pull away from family at such an early age is courageous and commendable.

California University of Monetary Bay is Mailey’s current home away from home. We stay connected through text, phone calls, and especially through FaceTime, so Kian can say hi to his big sister.  And when I don’t hear from her, I simply trust that she is always making good decisions for herself. I try and give her the space that she needs to lead a productive life as a college student. 

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Do I miss her? Everyday! I think of her when I wake, and throughout the day, she is always in my prayers, and at night right before I go to sleep I reflect on how blessed I am to be Mailey’s and Kian’s mom.

I want Mailey to keep moving in the direction that makes her happy and also pushes her to be better, kinder, more loving and compassionate. Even if that means it’s not what I would like for her. It’s her life and her dreams, my role is to guide and support her.

Therefore, wherever she chooses to go, I will follow with prayers and support- always.

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