Most of All, It’s Been a Loving and Trusting Relationship

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Oct. 16, 2016

Five years and countless blessings!

Hector and I just celebrated our five-year anniversary in Pismo Beach, CA. We took it back to where it all happened. Our halfway point between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The place of our weekend getaways since 2006, the place of our engagement, and the place where we were married in 2011… after five years of sizing each other up. A great five years!

Wedding 10-7-11

It’s been an interesting relationship, a fun relationship, a hard relationship, but most of all it’s been a loving and trusting relationship. I know, super corny but it’s true. Our lives are not perfect but I still look at him and I feel so lucky that he’s my husband.

Happy Anniversary Hector! Xoxo

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