Encouraging Kids To Explore Their Interests Is Important

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I’ve got my very own little skater; at least for right now I do. My Rad Kian looks adorable lugging his skateboard around and trying to learn tricks from daddy. He’s constantly asking for his board and although we worry, we do indulge him; always supervised of course. It’s his thing right now so we’re allowing him to explore this interest.

I don’t know how long Kian will stick to this, maybe by next week he’ll have gotten over it. And in the long scope, I have no idea what Kian’s interests and passions will turn out to be. I do know, that allowing our kids to explore different things and interests won’t only be helpful but crucial on their path to learning who they are and about their likes and dislikes. And whatever those may be, as parents, the concept of nurturing their interests should be very important to us.

I want Kian, Mailey included, to discover new things, learn, grow and explore!

What’s that old saying? Oh yeah, You’ll never know if you don’t try it.


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