Love My 2 Kids But a Big Parenting Manual Would Be Useful, Right?

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I’ve been asked plentiful of times, what I did with my daughter for her to turn out so nicely. haha Luck? The truth is, I worked my bum off, trying to make sure she stayed on the right path, teaching her to be kind and compassionate of others. Reminding her to say thank you, please, and excuse me, and teaching her self respect, and to be strong even when at times, I felt so weak inside. I pushed through many sad days, and laughed through many happy days. My daughter was my jewel, and I did my best. 

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The one thing I can say is that I followed certain concepts. Always communicating with her, being open with her, apologizing when I was wrong, and so many other important concepts, which I began to write about and do presentations on, after gaining first hand insight while working as a life coach with children and parents. 

The most important concept for me has been communication. How do we begin to build a relationship without this? How do we express anger, disappointment, frustration so that it doesn’t get bottled up inside us and then cause more chaos or misunderstandings than needed. How do we express our love bluntly so there is no misinterpreting it or questioning it? Communication is key.

Parenting is tough, there aren’t any cookie cutters for it, it doesn’t come with an instructional manual, we go into it clueless and then we’re sleep deprived for the first year or so, good luck to us.

There is definitely not 1 right way, of parenting for everyone, but everyone can benefit from applying a few parenting concepts to make it a tad easier for us. It’s sort of  like having an outline. These parenting concepts, I’ve concluded from working with kids and parents as a life coach. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear both sides of the story and I’ve learned where, both parents, and kids, can make a few adjustments to improve the Parent-Child relationship.

I’ve presented at schools and worked with children and parents one on one and the parenting concepts have been successful. They’re incredibly simple and easy to apply!

I’ll be writing more on them very soon!

Thank You for Reading!

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