What I’m Learning About Children as a Life Coach

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Working with children is brutal..Brutally REAL. Children keep it real!

All we have to do is listen. Listen to understand not to respond. And watch them. What are their actions saying when they’re not willing to open up to us?

Some of the children I’ve seen are in a slump at school. Some, are in a slump at home. Some are suddenly behaving differently.

I meet with children to teach them how to utilize the tools they already have within them to work through and solve problems. How to have a brighter perspective on their situation. And how to set goals and how to work towards them. In the process, children open up and share what I call, invaluable inside information.

Have you ever read an article that offers some kind of relationship advise? I have, guilty. And I bet almost every other women has, some just for entertainment, some in hopes of learning something that can improve their relationship, and others to gain inside information on the other team. Whatever the case, you want to know!

Well, as equally important is the relationship with our children. We need to look at that relationship as one that needs just as much care, work, and love as the one with our spouse. And any inside intel that you can get, use it to your advantage!

Children have made so many comments to me or have asked to talk about an issue at home. I’ve heard endless replies to this simple question: Have you shared that with your mom?

“She wouldn’t care”

“She’s too busy”

“She just says be quiet, do your work”

or to this question, after they’ve written down important areas of their life: What area would you most like to improve? The #1 answer is PARENTS. Along with the following comments:

“I wish my dad would play more with me”

“I wish my mom and me could just hang out”

“I wish my parents were proud of me when I play my sport”

Our children want us, need us, crave us and our love. Our opinion and our approval matter to them a great deal. They are so innocent. They are truly looking to make us happy and are looking for approval.

We need to nurture our sweetest relationship, which is with our children. And the greatest gift we’re given in this life, our children.

Thank You for Reading!

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