Cheering Our Children On Throughout the Race of Life…Happy Birthday Kian!

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My son just turned 3! I had no idea that my sweet little baby boy could actually act like a total Threenager. But he does! Moody, bossy, and picky, Mr. Know it All!

But Mr. Know it All, melts my heart. He leaves me in amazement every day with his comments, jokes, and intelligence. Kian is sweet, funny, charming, creative and… and I could go on and on (mother’s love). And no surprise, like every other toddler, he is filled to the brim with questions and curiosity. “Google it up”, he says. That’s right, this guy wants anwers, pronto!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kian!

I do my best to teach him all kinds of things. Some things, he runs with and others he has a difficult time with (which is expected, he’s 3).

I always congratulate him when he learns or accomplishes something. “You did it”, “great job” “You kept trying and trying and you did it!” (that’s his favorite, I think) BUT I also congratulate him on his journey to reach those accomplishments. Which I think is as equally important.

Kian’s Birthday Elmo


It’s important that we encourage our kids, not just at the finish line but throughout the race. They need words of encouragement, they need to be cheered on, and we need to let them know that their efforts and hard work are noticed, appreciated, and are great accomplishments in themselves.

This is true from the time they’re toddlers to the time they’re in college and even thereafter. We all need to be told, here and there, that we’re doing great.

When we cheer our children on and congratulate them on small milestones towards bigger goals. We’re planting seeds of confidence, hard work, perseverance, and patience.


Mr. Grumpy

Picture a toddler trying to learn how to build puzzles. They start off having a difficult time but you congratulate them on their efforts and good attitude. And remind them that the more they practice, the better they will become. So, every time you sit with them to build a puzzle, point out small accomplishments. “Oh, you remembered the straight edges are the border of the puzzle, good job” “I like how you’re looking at the picture on the box to help you”.

Tiny boosts of self-esteem will build confident children, who understand that accomplishing goals takes effort and time. And that’s a lesson they can grab a hold of and run with through life!

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