Find Out The Benefits of Toddlers With Chores

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Mr. Kian is so brainy it amazes me. I love him.. every bit of him. You know, I never really thought the saying “I love you so much I just want to eat you” made any sense. But now, now I totally get it, feel it, and yes…I say it all the time.  I guess when you come across the perfect, adorable, just does it for you child, that you’d like to eat because of your overwhelming love for them, this saying makes total sense.

Kian is that child for me. And because I love him so, I’m trying my best to make him a great little human and instill wonderful values in him. And assigning chores to children, makes them feel important and it builds confidence. Therefore, Kian, has chores. But thinking ahead, my little guy will one day be a man. And so, I thought of all the qualities that are super awesome in men and then… I snowballed all those qualities. And now i’m sharing them to Kian in little bits. It’ll probably take me 18 plus years to go through them all, which is why it’s important to me that I start yesterday.

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Kian understands a lot when it’s brought down to his playing field. And the things he doesn’t understand yet, I merely like introducing to him. Just to get him used to or familiar with the idea, concept, or rule.

I began giving Kian small tasks at the age of two, even sooner than that, if you take into account that he’s always been accountable for helping to pick up his toys. Even if he put one toy into a basket and I put the other 500 away. He’s always helped with that.

My little man is currently three years old. His daily chore is to put the water bottles inside the recycling bin which sits in the kitchen. On most days, he’s very willing but there are times when he’s dragging saying “he’s so tired he can’t walk”, or “my elbow really hurts”, or “I don’t want to”, or a number of other crazy and silly excuses. On those days, I merely have to say the following to get him back on board. “Kian, please help, we all need to help. Okay? Remember we earn things by helping and being good”. Quietly, he carries on and finishes his little chore.

IMG_3511Aside from that appointed chore, he picks up his toys, picks up his plate after he’s done eating and places it in the sink or countertop, he helps clean up spills all we say to him is “it’s okay, accidents happen, we just need to clean them up, that’s all”. Yes, I do have to go over the spill and really clean it up, but that’s more than okay by me. He’s not only learning how to perform a task but he’s learning to take responsibility and action.

We’re not on him constantly, the poor kid is not carrying 50 chores on his list of things to do. 98% of his grand life consists of playing, learning, and hanging with the family and 2% to chores. But that 2% that is helping Kian, to feel proud and independent, that is helping to shape responsibility, self-esteem, team effort, and hard work is invaluable.

Having chores will help children, including Kian with the following:

  1. Be more confident
  2. Responsible
  3. Take action
  4. Good with team work
  5. Learn the importance of family unity
  6. Be respectful of their surroundings
  7. Have a sense of belonging
  8. Feel capable

And so much more! Chores instill the discipline that children need to help them learn important life skills which they will use throughout their academic career and thereafter.

My hope is to raise Kian to be a kind man, one who is well-mannered, helpful, caring, open-minded, respectful of others and especially respectful and helpful to women:) There’s nothing like a gentleman.

Thank You for Reading! ♥

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