No More Excuses, I’m Going For It!

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I began blogging about 1 year and half ago for and started my own site, Home Is My Happy Place about 1 year ago. Yet, my site has been private all of this time! That’s right, no one is reading my content, but me. Yet, I still write.

I love writing and getting things out. Being able to tell a story and write my emotions on paper is very fulfilling for me. Sometimes I regret what I write but I’ve learned that many have, and I’ll grow from my embarrassing moments.

So, after reading hundreds of stories about how he did it or she did it, I’m going public to find out how I do. I don’t know how this will turn out for me or how long I’ll do it for but before another birthday passes me by, I need to finally roll with something that truly makes me happy. We’ll see what happens.

Thank You for Reading!

(Listening to (Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay- Ottis Redding)

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