Different Parenting Styles With One End Goal (Find Out What That Is)

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Recently, I gave another presentation on parenting concepts at KIPP Sol Academy, in East Los Angeles, CA. And many parents, with different parenting styles gathered in one room to listen to this presentation which was focused on the concept of teaching our children kindness, respect, values, and compassion for others.

The thing is, even with so many different parenting styles, when you get a group of parents together in one space listening to each other, asking questions, and sharing stories, you end up with this powerful support system and a sense of unity. And you are reminded of a simple reality,  we are all working towards the same goal, each of us just taking different routes towards it.

What do we all want?

“We ALL want to raise good kids”

Which is why, we are willing to listen to and read helpful advice, suggestions, and others personal experiences. All, with the purpose of learning, so we are better equipped on this parenting journey.  And even if we consider ourselves great parents, we all struggle at a certain point. This is when we have to be the most resourceful with the information we’ve learned so we can better navigate a situation with awareness and love.

It’s incredibly fascinating to me how much influence we have over our children. Knowing this, we should all prioritize making their environment at home a happy and peaceful one.

If our children’s environment is a strong and healthy one, it is highly likely that our children will be too. And that strength that our children carry, will be reflected through positive feelings and actions in school, at home, and in relationships. In turn helping us achieve our end goal.

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