Goodbye Fear, Embarrassment, and Procrastination!

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Well, this, this… No More Excuses, I’m Going For It didn’t actually happen in December, like I had hoped it would. After spending over one year on my website, writing for no one but myself, I thought December, my birthday month, would be the month I take my site public. YAY! Didn’t happen.

I almost wanted to delete that post, you know… to write it when I actually took my site live. To demonstrate strength and courage. But, why fake the funk? It didn’t happen for endless reasons (excuses really) because when you really want something, when you’re really ready for it, you just go for it. And as a life coach, I teach that! You let go of “what if” and reach for “I’m doing this!” But I didn’t do that, my fear stopped me (sigh).

So why, didn’t I just delete the December post? I wanted to show the realness of the situation. I’m a mother, a wife, a life coach, and I’m a passionate woman- somewhere in that mix. I love writing, and find so much beauty in all artistic outlets. So, I wanted to show you how much and for how long I’ve struggled before I went after what I really wanted. To motivate anyone in my position to keep pushing your project and yourself. And hopefully you will be able to move forward with it a lot sooner than me because

Great things can only begin to happen when there is momentum”. – Luna

P.S. My site is officially public now February 2018.

Thank You for Reading!

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