Fun Places: Griffith​ Observatory

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The view of Los Angeles looks amazing from the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California (you can see the Hollywood sign as well). And my 3-year-old Kian had a great time exploring the Observatory grounds.

Observatory 7jpg

There’s a lot to see and some exhibits are interactive. He hopped onto a scale to find out how much he’d weigh on the moon. Kian thought this was pretty cool.


He loved the amazing views, he’d ask my husband or me to raise him so he could see Los Angeles. And he got to look through a telescope! This was very exciting for him, any kid would get a kick out of this.

Observatory 5Observatory 3Observatory 4OBSERVATORY 1

The exhibits definitely entertained him. He had fun looking at and learning about all the planets, the moon, space shuttles, and a lot more. This got him asking a lot of questions, which is wonderful.  He did some schooling himself, he asked, “Mom did you know the sun is a star?” Yup, he was into this, he was happy and interested in looking around.

Observatory 18Observatory 12Observatory 16Observatory 11

Observatory 14

There’s a lot of outdoor space where kids can run a bit and release some energy. Kian loved that and he also loved that there were many sections to the Observatory. It feels somewhat like a maze when you’re working your way up to the rooftop level.

Observatory 9

We parked at the bottom of the hill (paid parking) and walked up, Kian got tired and we had to carry him half of the way up (a stroller would have come in handy). There is parking much closer to the observatory if you drive up the hill, it can get full though. There is a cafeteria where you can grab a quick bite and sit either inside or outside on the patio. You can even bring your own lunch or snacks.

A little warning, I noticed you can’t sit on the ledges on the rooftop level, a park employee will ask you to get off if they see you. But, of course, many people were doing it to get that perfect shot with the amazing view behind them.

The Griffith Observatory is located at 2800 Observatory Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 and is opened Tuesday-Friday from 12pm-10pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-10-pm, they are closed on Mondays. The Observatory and the grounds are free. There are shows at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium which you do have to purchase tickets for. You can only purchase the tickets there, at Griffth Observatory, up to 10 minutes before show time, unless you are a member. And children 5 and younger are only admitted to the first show each day, so plan ahead.  I’d urge you to check out their website below for exact details and up to date information.

We’d definitely go back and I know Kian would love it. The Griffith Observatory is not a place you outgrow.  I hope you have lots of fun exploring the Observatory on your trip!

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