Mothers, Feeling a Bit Defeated Today? Read This Reminder!

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Mothers, you are something out of this world. In a dynamic, awesome, unbelievable, terrific, beautiful, courageous, warrior kind of way.

But somewhere along the way, you got lost and you don’t know how it happened. Somewhere along the way you lost confidence, strength, energy, and authority.

You have an ugly nagging pain at your core telling you “You are a mother, you should have it all under control.” “Juggling the kids, work, a husband, a house, and all the extras should come naturally and easily to you. Right?” 

More like… YEAH, RIGHT! with a huge rolling of the eyes!

Every mother has doubted herself. Her decisions, her priorities, her own strength, her capabilities, and her purpose.

As a mother, you cry, you laugh, you yell, you stay in silence, you give, you live for, you care for, you advocate for, and you love unconditionally (sounds exhausting).

You feel valued, appreciated, loved, taken care of, heard, happy.

You feel defeated, exhausted, sometimes forgotten, undervalued.

Yet, you carry on either way. You wake up each day and do all the great stuff, the mundane stuff, the annoying stuff, the “I hate this” stuff, the making sure everyone is good stuff and you’ll continue to do it, day after day, after day, after day. Anything For Your Family.

Mothers, you are amazing! Amazing!?  What? Yes!

What else would you call someone who is:

Loyal, loving, giving, resilient, selfless, brave, a caretaker, a fighter, a shot caller, an enforcer, a maker, and best of all, you see your family through the most loving eyes. It’s no wonder you do what you do for them.

Today might be a bad day for you or maybe this month hasn’t been that great or maybe you’ve been feeling out of it for a longer period of time but you are an outstanding MOTHER! You can wipe the slate if you feel the need, each day IS a new opportunity to do things a little better, to treat our children, our husbands, and ourselves a little kinder, to be a better version of ourselves. 

After all, you’ve got to see this job through, who else is going to want your position?- No pay, long hours, crazy kids… No Thanks! 

YOU are that beautiful woman who your children need, love, and value (whether you hear the thank-yous every day or not).  Recognize that greatness in you. Be confident and let it seep through because you are a superhero of a mom! You are hands down, the best YOU, that there is! 

“You are the perfect parent for your child”

So please, from one friend to another, be kind to yourself and recognize and praise yourself for being such an awesome and real mommy:)


Thank You for Reading!

(Listening to: Ooh La La- Faces)

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