Hello, I’m Monica.

Welcome to “Home Is My Happy Place”. A parent’s lifestyle blog.

What I Do

I’ve always known I wanted to help people because it’s brought me the most fulfillment, work wise. So, I decided to turn something I had been doing for years into my career which was motivating and helping people through advice or talk. And so I became a certified life coach while pursing a psychology degree. Since, my life has unfolded unforeseen opportunities. I now coach/mentor, I present on parenting concepts in schools, and hold parenting classes.

As for this website, I’ve had many parents who can’t thank me enough for reminding them or teaching them these simple parenting concepts. Many of you know this stuff and that’s awesome. But are you applying them? Do you know the why behind the importance of implementing these concepts? If you do, that is wonderful. But if you don’t you and your children (your entire household) will benefit from these simple to apply parenting concepts. Like many of you, I’m constantly seeking to grow and find easier, better, smarter, more efficient ways of doing things. All the way from communicating with our kids to cleaning the house. If there’s a shortcut, I want to know about it. So, I hope you take away something from this site that will help you in some way, big or small. 

My Blog And What You’ll Find

Lots of parenting stuff!

As a life coach, who began working solely with children, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the concerns, wishes, and thoughts of our children, directly from them. Their wishes and many of their thoughts are quite simple. They want love and quality time from their parents. And so, I’ve put together and share with you, key points to ten simple parenting concepts that can make a world of difference in the relationship between you and your children.

Along with great stuff for your kids, cool places to visit with them, places to shop for them, projects to do with them, and a tad of street style.

I also share some of my personal experiences, such as teen pregnancy, depression, my daughter leaving to college, and everything else that happened in-between, the great stuff happening now, and the amazing things that the future holds, God willing.

Home Is My Happy Place

Is a big advocate of creating a Happy Home

Not a Perfect Home”

And for me, this means a space that’s filled with love and support. With parents who take care of their overall well-being and their relationship. With kids who spread happiness throughout our home, and who are receiving the love and support they need to thrive.

Our home is a space where we can welcome anything that lights us up. For me, it happens to be my family, friends, love, respect, kindness, fun and yummy food:)

From a wife and a mother of two, I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting.

Happy Reading,


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