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Are You Helping Your Child Foster Critical Thinking?

Help your child foster critical thinking skills. It’s a skill that will help them for a lifetime.

Going Against The Grain and Opting Out of Pre-K: Preschool is Not Your Only Choice

My son, Kian, is four. While many moms have already found a pre-k classroom for their children, I am opting not to send my son to preschool.  I get asked often, does he go to school? Are you going to send him? And then people’s pitch changes when I tell them I don’t plan on

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Why You Should Never Speak Badly About Your Ex, To Your Kids

Why do relationships end? To rid yourself of something that didn’t work. To stop fighting. To be at peace. To ensure your kids are in a healthy environment. All of these reasons speak to, ridding yourself of the negativity that once was. Still Speaking badly about your ex? Or is that negativity still lingering? It

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4 Ways To Treat Your Children With Respect, Starting Today (And Why It’s Important)

We’ve all heard the saying Respect is a two-way street, yet as parents, a lot of us forget this saying extends to our kids as well. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks and it’s easy to go into overdrive with our roles as parents, telling our children what to do and

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If You Are Trying to Raise Mr. or Mrs. Independent, Read This!

I mentioned in a previous blog, Why My Three Year Old Has Chores. Instilling confidence in Kian will allow him to want to try new things. At three, every toddler is probably trying to insert their independence and show you how big they are and how much they can do. This is the age when they

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