Are You Helping Your Child Foster Critical Thinking?

Help your child foster critical thinking skills. It’s a skill that will help them for a lifetime.

Wake up call

Hey Girl, what kind of wake up call are you waiting for? Your kids need you now! I’ve coached mothers who’ve felt that they’d lost control over their children. Mothers who felt their children pulling further and further away. And although there are many possibilities why something like this would occur, I’m going to focus

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Do You Give Each One of Your Children the Individual Time That They Need?

As parents, we love all of our children the same. We need and enjoy the company of one child just as much as we need the company of our other children. It’s our job to love all of our children and to make each one of them feel loved. But what do our children need

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Are You Working On Building Your Child’s Character?

Character vs. Academics Our children are learning so much more at an earlier age. And we’re also placing higher standards on our children at a much younger age. But how many of us are focusing on building their character with as much importance as their academics? Pro We know the brain is able to learn

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Going Against The Grain and Opting Out of Pre-K: Preschool is Not Your Only Choice

My son, Kian, is four. While many moms have already found a pre-k classroom for their children, I am opting not to send my son to preschool.  I get asked often, does he go to school? Are you going to send him? And then people’s pitch changes when I tell them I don’t plan on

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